Who We Are

Indonesian Diaspora Network (IDN) is established as a results of the Ways Forward session during Congress of Indonesian Diaspora (CID) in Los Angeles on July 6, 2012, which has the following charter:

  • IDN is not an umbrella of grassroots diaspora organization, but it is an independent network that will further help to empower and voice community members. 
  • IDN will have local and national network where Indonesian diaspora will be the ambassador that will spread the spirit of Indonesian diaspora and ensure passage of the follow-up on the first congress of Indonesian diaspora. 
  • IDN is expected to be an effective interlocutor in collaboration with government and non-government sector and between fellow diasporas in various programs. 
  • IDN as an amplifier will help advocate the empowerment of the diaspora and play an active role in Indonesia development. 
  • IDN as an enabler will identify the possible formation of IDN task force to address the priority area that have been
    recommended as a result Congress of Indonesian Diaspora.
  • To facilitate a variety of philanthropic activities, IDN will establish foundation to run the program identified in Congress of Indonesian Diaspora.