The Amazing Of CID – Photo & Video

Closing Remarks

Today is the second day of CID II, the opening of this congress was finally kicked off by the President of RI at 11.00 hrs. In our record, up to the second day of congress not less than 7000 participants registered at this congress. It was really beyond of our expectation. Thank you so much friend of diasporas, Pak Dubes, and pak Konjen from KBRI/KJRI who made available to be with us.

The spirit of diaspora is really high. Discussion in task forces, plenaries, and public forums were really attractive and packed by participants.

We understand not all of diasporas are able to join us at CID II, but we trully felt your support behind this. Just to give you an idea how the CID II is being carried out, please visit this website dedicated for you who is unable to come.